Tony's Diastatic Malt Powder (6 ounces)

Tony's Diastatic Malt Powder (6 ounces)

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What is Diastatic Malt?
A long time secret of professional bakers, bread makers and pizzerias, diastatic malt powder is a baking enhancer that promotes enzymatic activity, adds flavor and produces wonderful browning in pizza, bread and other baked goods.  
If you're struggling to achieve a golden brown crust, then diastatic malt powder is definitely worth trying.
How much is 6 ounces? 
Each 6 ounce package of Tony's Diastatic Malt Powder is enough to make over 50 13-inch pizzas.  
What type of pizzas can this be used for?
Diastatic malt is ideal for styles of pizza that cook at 500F or under.  This includes New York, Detroit, Sicilian, New Jersey style pizzas.  Diastatic malt powder is also great for pizza makers attempting to make Neapolitan pizzas in a home oven.
How much Diastatic Malt Powder Should I use?
There's no "right" amount, but a teaspoon per 300 gram ball of dough is recommended.
Care and Storage 
Store in a cool and dry place.

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